A&B School Of Music - Instrumental Tuition.

A&B Tuition has been sold to A Star Music.  On offer are all the same teachers and rates so I encourage you to get into contact with Davina or Grant on 0411 426 490 or email at school@astarmusic.com.au.  Davina was our school coordinator so you are in good hands and we look forward to seeing where A star take the school in the future.

The New address for all students is 106/2 Roy street Geelong (Just off mercer street).  All current students automatically role to this new location and you will be contacted shortly (if not already) by Davina and Grant.

For current students all credits will be honoured by A star and and arrears are payable also to A star.

We wish them the upmost success.

Adam Rogers

A&B Director